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Chiropractic Care and Wellness Support

Alternative Health and Allergy is not a typical doctor's office, not even a typical chiropractic office.  AHA offers natural ways to address joint function and muscle tension, ease stresses, and support wellness.  Care here is personalized, allowing time and focused attention according to your needs.  Resources available include guidance for healthy living, gentle chiropractic, allergy response support (NAET),  energy balancing, and professional brand supplements.

As a wellness centered practitioner, Dr. Traci Pennock, D.C. works with a wide variety of people.  Many patients are in generally good health and want to maintain it.  Some are experiencing pain and come for relief.  Still others have concerns and want to aid normal, healthy functions.  Since signs of stress often show up before significant issues arise, we encourage healthy habits and provide early support.  When pain or dysfunction is present, Dr. Pennock helps patients consider causes, aggravators, and care options.  The doctor also empowers individuals through changes they can make on their own to live well and feel better.  

You are designed for health.  Mechanisms within you continually operate to repair, fortify and balance the mind and body.  Optimize your health by adding a holistic practitioner to your wellness team.  You can change your position from things happening to you to one where you help make things happen.  

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