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Chiropractic Care and Wellness Support

Alternative Health and Allergy / Aha! Chiropractic is not a typical doctor's office, not even a typical chiropractic office.  Here we provide natural ways to address joint function and muscle tension, ease stresses, and support wellness.  Care is personalized, allowing time and focused attention according to your needs.  Resources available include guidance for healthy living, gentle chiropractic, allergy response support (NAET),  energy balancing, and professional brand supplements.

As a wellness centered practitioner, Dr. Traci Pennock, D.C. works with people based on their needs and goals.  Many patients are in generally good health and want to maintain it.  Some are experiencing pain and initially come for relief.  Still others have concerns and want to improve their normal, healthy function.  Since signs of stress often show up before significant issues arise, we encourage a healthy lifestyle and provide early support.  When pain or dysfunction is present, Dr. Pennock helps patients consider causes, aggravators, and care options.  The doctor empowers individuals through changes they can make on their own to enjoy a healthier, happier life.  

You are designed for good health.  The body has intricate mechanisms continually operating to repair and balance your mind and body. Optimize your potential by adding a holistic chiropractor to your wellness team and support your good health, today. 

At Alternative Health and Allergy / Aha! Chiropractic in Middletown, OH, Dr. Traci Pennock has been providing natural pain solutions since opening the practice in 2015. With a high value on individualized care, allowing for more time during visits, Dr. Pennock is committed to helping you heal one step at a time. Whether you are dealing with back pain, joint problems, high stress levels, or neck pain, it's time to learn more about the healing power or chiropractic care. This natural method not only aids mobility, ease and comfort but also supports overall wellness.

Common Reasons to Schedule With Aha!

Dr. Pennock works with patients who are interested in wellness care, those with chronic aches and pains, stiffness, poor range of motion, neck pain, and back pain. The office does not accept Medicare or personal injury or worker's compensation cases. If you are finding mobility difficult, or you are dealing with chronic pain, an evaluation with Dr. Pennock can help identify the cause of your issues.

Treatment With a Chiropractor in Middletown, OH

Chiropractic adjustments are commonly provided, specifically using Activator or Impulse chiropractic instruments for a more gentle adjustment. Dr. Pennock uses a lower force approach to support normal motion, and relieve pain and stiffness. Percussion massage is used to ease painful muscle tension, while cold laser therapy helps reduce pain and promote healing. Dr. Pennock's mission is to keep people moving, learning, and experiencing joy in life without pain through gentle chiropractic and modern technologies. She works with patients with guidance for self-care, emotional balance, and empowerment to achieve their best health.

Schedule With a Middletown, OH Chiropractor Today

Call Alternative Health and Allergy / Aha! Chiropractic in Middletown, OH at 513-597-0605, and set up an initial consultation to meet with Dr. Pennock. Learn natural ways to improve joint function, ease your stress, and support your overall wellness. Get the personalized care you deserve to heal your body and live your best life.

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