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Stress happens. When it does, how do you manage it? Sometimes the source of frustrations, what drains our mood and energy, or how to move through it is not obvious. Guided stress management and energy balancing at Alternative Health and Allergy can help. 

Uncovering hidden stress can include observation of muscle strength changes in response to positive and negative statements. Addressing stress through awareness and activities like hands-on energy balancing, frequencies such as sound or light, breath-work, affirmations, and movement can help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and better energy.   

Life Improving Internal-Focus Technique UnTherapy (LIIFT) is a guided, mind-body practice that helps release stuck emotions and negative expectations that limit peace, happiness and success. During LIIFT, clients actively hear, read, write and speak positive statements to “rewrite the brain’s operating software.” Movement and breathing exercises are also used to reinforce healthy thoughts and feelings. After balancing sessions, people usually report feeling relaxed and more at ease.

Releasing stress and changing limiting beliefs allows us to develop positive expectations and helps us experience more good in life. If you are feeling stressed or stuck, contact advanced LIIFT practitioner, Traci Pennock, to schedule an appointment; and open the door to a happier, more peace-filled life. Call 513-235-2053, today.

Disclaimer: Guided stress relief, energy balancing and LIIFT UnTherapy are wellness supports and not a licensed therapy or medical treatment. These do not take the place of medical care, and no medications are prescribed or managed at Alternative Health and Allergy. Clients who have a physical or mental condition should consult a medical doctor, psychiatrist, counselor or other licensed practitioner. If a client is believed to be in crisis or at risk of harming self or others, 911 may be called on his or her behalf or reported as required by law for safety. 

If you are in crisis: Seek immediate medical attention or call 911.

For the Suicide and Crisis Hotline, call 988. 

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