Stress Relief

Stress happens, draining our mood and energy. Heart-centered, holistic support can ease the effects of stress and improve mind-body balance. 

The source of frustration and how to move through it isn't always obvious. A mind-body tool for uncovering hidden stresses uses observation of muscle strength changes in response to negative or positive statements. With this tool we can improve awareness and identify ways to process the information. Guided breath work, affirmations, movement, sound, or hands on care promote calm, reduce tension and help balance energy.

Life Improving Internal Focus Technique UnTherapy (LIIFT) uses some of these strategies to help unlock stuck emotions and reduce stress. During a LIIFT session, clients read, write, hear and speak statements and also perform simple actions like movement and breath work. Through repetition, the technique helps rewrite negative self talk, decrease limiting beliefs, and increase feelings of peace. After a LIIFT session, people usually notice feeling more relaxed and at ease.

Feeling cared for and connected is part of a healing experience. And, releasing old hurts and negative expectations creates space for more good to enter your life. If you are feeling stressed or stuck, contact Traci Pennock, master LIIFT UnTherapy practitioner, today at 513-597-0605.  Open the door to a happier, more peace-filled life. 

Disclaimer: Guided stress relief, energy balancing and LIIFT UnTherapy are wellness supports. Traci Pennock does not provide psychological counseling or therapy or any medical treatment. No medications are prescribed or managed at Alternative Health and Allergy / Aha! Chiropractic. Consult a medical doctor, psychiatrist, counselor or other licensed practitioner for mental health care. NOTICE: If a client is believed to be in crisis or at risk of harming self or others, 911 may be called on his or her behalf or a report made as required by law for safety. 

If you are in crisis: Seek immediate medical attention or call 911.

For the Suicide and Crisis Hotline, call 988. 

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