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  • Dr. Traci Pennock, BA, DC

    Welcome. As a holistic practitioner, I see each of us as a beautifully complex creation with interwoven systems that work together to support life and health. I do not diagnose or treat disease. My focus is on the body's natural design. 

    Your body does its own healing everyday. I simply help identify and reduce some of the obstacles. There are no magic cures or quick fixes. Health is the result of our daily actions, thoughts and experiences over time. And it is possible to help improve and maintain health.

    My approach considers the combined aspects of structure, function and emotional well-being. Offerings include healthy lifestyle coaching, chiropractic, allergy relief (NAET), stress reduction and energy balancing, as well as nutritional and herbal products. Here, you are empowered and supported in reaching your own potential for wellness.

    My style is simple, intuitive and paced to give each person the time and attention needed. I listen and address your goals, provide hands on service, share insights and direction, and celebrate your victories.

    If you actively maintain your good health, Dr. Pennock is a great addition to your wellness team. Or, if you are struggling and no one has looked at the whole picture, searched for WHY things are out of balance, and then customized a holistic support plan, it's time to connect.

    Optimize your potential for greater wellness! Call 513-597-0605, today.

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