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 The Initial Visit

Whether you have previous experience with holistic health or whether this is all new to you, the doctor will make you feel at ease.  The initial visit begins with a detailed review of your health history and a discussion of your wellness goals and concerns.  The doctor will then perform an in office evaluation and make recommendations.  Most often we are able to begin care at this first appointment.  If you may need something outside of what we offer, we will try to point you in the right direction.  

Chiropractic: Dr. Pennock will observe how you move and what causes pain.  The doctor will then feel the neck, back and areas of concern to better understand how to help.  If chiropractic is recommended, the doctor will explain adjustments and any additional care.  An initial treatment may be performed as time allows and with gentle methods available.  A plan for follow up will be discussed.  Care is adapted to needs, goals and response to treatment.  X-rays are not performed unless there is recent trauma, something concerning from history or examination, or lack of progress during care.  Patients will be referred for imaging if needed.

NAET: New patients are asked to learn about the technique before the first visit.  Dr. Devi Nambudripad's books are available at  IgG sensitivity and/or IgE allergy testing is also recommended to check reactivities and to help plan a course of action.  If you haven't done lab testing yet, it can be ordered. Neuromuscular sensitivity testing will be utilized as well to identify stress responses to common foods and environment while in the office.  NAET involves a series of acupressure sessions one to three times per week to promote energetic balance.  *If there is any history of anaphylaxis, a medical practitioner must be part of your health care team.  

Wellness: During an initial wellness visit, we will focus on your health history, current dietary and lifestyle habits, as well as any needs and goals you may have.  Engaging with the body's communication system via muscle testing, we will customize recommendations to guide both self care and services.  The intent is to find the right supports, at the right time and in the right amounts.  Working in this way can often help save time, money and effort.  Depending on what is suggested, follow up may be weekly, monthly or quarterly.

If you have any questions, just contact the office.  We are happy to help.

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